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CORN THINS with Avocado, Cashews, Zucchini & Spinach leaves

Not thought of CORN THINS for vegetarian recipes? Well, they are the perfect alternative to bread and are a delicious due to their popcorn taste, while being a quick & healthy option to be combined with any traditional sweet or savoury topping you might normally have

Baked Sweet Potato, Mint, Pomegranate, Pepita & Feta on CORN THINS slices (vegetarian)
serves 2
2 mins (excluding roasting sweet potato)
Roasted Fennel, Orange, Red Onion & Hazelnut on CORN THINS slices
serves up to 4 people
About 1 hrs (to roast the fennel)
Hommus, Baby Cucumber & Boiled Egg on CORN THINS slices
serves 1
20 mins (including boiling the eggs)
Kiwi Fruit, Lychee, Red Onion & Mint on CORN THINS slices
serves 2
10 mins (cutting prep)
Waldorf Salad (lettuce, apple, grapes, walnuts, celery & mayo) on Corn Thins slices
serves 2
5 mins